About AtmosForecast

AtmosForecast debuted nearly 30 years ago and now includes a team of four dedicated meteorologists. Over 75 clients have utilized our unique hyper local and accurate products.

Collectively the staff possess nearly 100 years of forecasting experience in all the New England states and New York. The entire degreed team has benefited from New England training and fully applies their experience outwitting the Northeastís capricious weather.

Founder, Principal and Chief Financial Manager Paul Cousins has been analyzing weather in the Northeast for over 40 years. With degrees in both meteorology and geophysics, he has obtained broadcasting seals from both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. He was nominated as the outstanding graduate and distinguished alumni of his alma mater. He was also elected for several boards of the AMS and NWA, in addition to being appointed as a trustee for several philanthropic organizations. Over the years he has been an invited keynote speaker for several New England scientific organizations and universities.

The team serves clients from four offices based in southern Maine. The most advanced technology is employed at each facility to generate timely and precise products for our clients. Avenues of dissemination include pushed e-mail, fax, MP3/podcasts and of course personalized voice communication.