Testimonials for AtmosForecast

David Phifer

Electric Control Center /Dispatch Supervisor, Iberdrola USA

In our industry accurate and timely weather information is critical to our operation. AtmosForecast provides this type of service. They are customer driven and willing to customize their forecasts to meet the exact needs of our company. Knowing that AtmosForecast is monitoring the weather allows us to focus our efforts on preparing for and responding to the storms that impact our service territory. We are pleased with the service and attention to detail AtmosForecast provides.

Charles L. Beck

VP/Director - Radio & Television, Maine Public Broadcasting Network

It's always a pleasure working with Paul Cousins. He is very reliable and provides us with EXACTLY what we need; he's very flexible and understanding and always willing to alter or refine the product to meet our objectives. The on air segments that he and his staff at AtmosForecast provide are clear, concise, often entertaining to listen to, and most importantly, very accurate.

Jim Favreau

Director of Facilities, Bath Iron Works

Bath Iron Works has many weather dependent activities in building a Navy ship. The processes range from painting to critical operations such as ship translations in and of out DryDock as well as sea trials. Winds can effect the large cranes at BIW causing operations to be shut down or replanned. Winter weather is critical to monitor for the safety of our employees coming to and leaving work. I have been the Facility Director at BIW for the past 12 years and relied on …AtmosForecast for weather status 24/7. I value this long-term relationship we have had and find the accuracy and timeliness of information second to none.

Dick Gleason

President, Gleason Radio Group

We have used their service for over a decade and have found them to be professional, accurate and responsive.

Terry Klemanski

Fleet Manager, City of Auburn

It was a pleasure doing business with your company over the five years as Transportation Director of MSAD #52. I recall being able to call any time of day or night a get a weather report or an update. This service helped in many ways such as school cancellations, monitoring road conditions for school-related trips or sporting events. All our winter planning was simplified due to your service. You were always right on target with the information (that) you gave us. I would highly recommend your service to anyone with a need for piece of mind. It has been a privilege to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of professionals.